What Does A Husky Great Pyrenees Look Like?


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Depends on what the parents looked like. We have a male who people mistake for a golden all the time. His mother was a Pyr and his father was a blonde Husky. He is shaped like a husky and masked, but his saddle and head are beige. Like a Pyr he has a black nose and lips. His eyes are almost khaki green. His litter mates on the other hand were giant balls of fluff. They looked like Pyrs although some were blue eyed. He is more Pyr like in his personality, but "talks" like a husky.
Oh and also he is huge. More malamute sized than Husky. Smaller than some of the Pyrs I've seen, but much larger than most of the Huskies.
He also has rear dew claws. Either way they are Mutts and there is no standard as they are not a breed.

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