My Dog Has Conjunctivitis(pink Eye)is There An Over The Counter Remedy For It ?


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You need to have a veterinary professional examine your dog's eyes.  A red eye does not necessarily mean your dog has an infection.  It can also be a sign of much more severe problems.  Left untreated, or mistreated, eye problems can cause the loss of sight and may even result in the need to remove the eye.  It is not advisable to treat with any over the counter medications.  Your animal should receive prompt attention.
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I'm sure, there are special medications that can help (by the way, in most cases dogs are given human meds). You can read about them on World Pet Express as this site offers not only a wide range of products, but also a good blog with much useful information. Anyway, I recommend to ask a veterinarian first.

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I don't think so. Maybe you should try to consult a vet. Our eye drops are too strong for dogs. They can recommend something

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