My Little Dog Has What Looks Like A Stye On Her Eye. Is There An Over-The-Counter (OTC) Ointment I Can Get, Or Is This Something Serious? Also, Our Other Dog Died, So Could This One Be Crying?


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Dogs do not cry, although they can have depression when another dog is gone. It would be low on energy, lethargic and hanging its head low.

You can wipe the dog's eye with a clean cotton bud and some cooled boiled water, but don't use the same bud for both eyes.

If the sty is producing pus, or a green liquid /green crystals, it will need to be treated with antibiotics.

In this case, a visit to the vet will be in order, as they will be able to undertake a more detailed examination of your pet's eye. After diagnosis has been made, treatment can begin right away.

Can you use human sty medicine on a dog?
  • I would not advise you to use human medicine on your dog's stye.
  • Make sure you keep the area clean, and the stye should clear up - in its own time.
  • If it does become worse, then you will need to visit a vet.

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