Is There Any Over The Counter Sedative I Can Give My Dog To Relax Her So I Can Trim Her Nails?


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There are sedatives that you can get for dogs over the counter. They can be bought from larger pet stores. Most of the over the counter sedatives are a naturally relaxing solution for dogs. They are most commonly used for travel, when the dog gets stressed and barks. They work by relaxing and making the dog sleepy.

You should be careful, however, when purchasing one of these that you read the instructions carefully and only give the stated dose. Dose level can vary depending on the size and breed of your dog, so ensure that the dose is right for your dog. You should also consult your vet first before buying a sedative just to make sure that it is safe for your dog, as some breeds are more sensitive to it than others and this could result in your dog being under for longer or waking up before you are finished trimming  the nails.

The most common type of calming sedative for dogs is a diffuser. These plug in to a socket in your house and release a spray over time that soothes and calms your pet, without putting her into a full sleep. These simply help your dog stay calm and relaxed in satiations where they are left alone in the house or are likely to bark at something. These diffusers are not harmful. This could be too weak a sedative for you to be able to trim your dogs nails without them protesting though, so I would definitely recommend speaking to your vet to ensure that you buy a product of the correct strength for the task in hand. It is not worth rushing in and buying something that you are unsure about without speaking to an expert first.
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They make a treat called Mellow Mutt. It's available at pet stores. I'm not sure if it will be enough for you but we have an irish wolfhound mix that is afraid of thunder and they work great.

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