Are There Any Over The Counter Medicine I Can Get For Parvo?


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If you suspect your pup may have parvo they need to be treated under the supervision of the veterinarian. The sooner you get them there the higher their chances of survival. If it's diagnosed soon enough your vet can prescribe Tamiflu which helps tremendously. If you can't treat your pup don't let them suffer please seek alternatives.
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You will put your dog's life in to danger if you try to treat parvo by yourself. Even best available facilities at home might not work. Hospitalization is necessary for parvo attack for first 48 hours. There are no curative medicines of parvo which you can purchase over the counter. Only symptoms can be managed by the emergency centers. They use IV fluids and medicines to stop diarrhea and vomiting. So, get help from the vet for the treatment of parvo in dogs.

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