My Puppy Who Is 9 1/2 Weeks Old, Is It Normal For Her Stool To Be Really Soft?


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Moe Pence answered
Runny stools are never really normal.  It could be due to the type of food she's eating, so you may want to switch to a puppy food with rice in it.  Rice is a natural binder for the puppy's bowels.  However, if this doesn't stop it within a day, you might want to consider taking her to the vets, as many puppies contract worms or other parasites (they have a habit of eating anything and everything), or she may have picked something up from the outside or another animal.  Look for signs of decreased appetite, decreased activity, the pup looking and acting uncomfortable -- any of those signs means that a visit to the vet is recommended.
Hope she'll be OK!
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If it is just soft as opposed to runny then yes, it can be and it is probably from the food. My dog is just over a year and for the most part has soft stools, but he gets human food scraps after dinner.
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My puppy is 5 months old, her stools are soft and brown, I always know which dog did it when I go to my dads (he has 3 dogs) it is more than likely normal (runny is not normal)
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Moebkr is right, it could be he food, I strongly suggest that you stay away from soft foods as they can cause diarrhea in them. Make sure you use a hard food, and it is also good for the teeth in keeping them clean. Hope this helps, good luck.

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