My Dog Is 65 Days Pregnant And Is Still Eating And Drinking, With No Temperature Drop. Is This Normal?


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What is the maximum number of days for a dog pregnancy? Is it normal for a dog to still be pregnant after sixty five days?

Yes, this is perfectly normal. Although the average gestation period is sixty-three days, sometimes it
can take up to seventy-two days after fertilisation for the puppies to be born.

This figure will be closely related to the breed of dog - smaller breeds usually begin labor before sixty-three days, and larger breeds often take longer.

  • The average litter size of any dog is six puppies, but this number can vary greatly, depending on the breed of dog.
  • Smaller breeds produce about four puppies on average, whereas some large breeds can have up to twelve puppies in one litter!
  • When your dog is about to enter the first stages of labor, she will begin panting, pacing and shivering. During this period, it is essential that the mother is kept in a quiet and calm environment.
  • After your dog has entered the first stage of pregnancy, it's important that you monitor her closely and have a vet on standby - just in case the mother encounters any complications during labor.
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Dogs' gestation is 63-67 days. I wouldn't worry yet.

Count from the first, but the sperm live for 3 days, so the fertilization may not have taken place exactly on that day, therefore the variance of 63-67 days' gestation.
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Pregnancy in dogs is counted from the first day of breeding. You should wait for a maximum of 69 days and get help from the vet if she does not deliver her puppies.

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