My pregnant dog lost her mucus plug 4 days ago and is 64 days pregnant?


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Has she started nesting, eating and drinking less? If so she is in the first stage of labor. Especially at (now) 65 days.
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Nichola Lacey
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Her temp has now dropped to 97.6 and she is shivering on and off. She is in her whelping box, but is not panting. Is it possible to go through the first stages without panting as I ain't come across this before.
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Dogs don't have a mucous plug to pass and they are pregnant on average for 62-64 days.  If she has had fluid passed vaginally, the sacs around on of the pups has likely ruptured.  I strongly recommend contacting your veterinarian.
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Nichola Lacey
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I have done research before mating my dogs. The bitch does have a a clear Jelly mucus plug most people miss it as the dog licks it from her vulva. I was just wondering if it is normal to take so long before she goes into labour as all the stories I have read got to 3 days and had the pups. I am a very devoted dog owner, I have slept in my living room close to her whelping box. Maybe I am getting impatient Lol. Thanks for taking the time to reply x
Shalla Larocque
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My appologies, usually I only hear of very experienced breeders that are soo in-tuned to notice the small amount of discharge that is passed. Keep watch for nesting behaviour, significant increase in milk dropping and restlessness, decrease in appetite and temperature (if you've been keeping track all along). If she starts active labour (panting, shaking, pushing) and it's been more than 4 hours without a pup being born, then contact your veterinarian. Good luck.

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