My Dog Is 59 Days Pregnant. She Started Passing Her Mucus Plug A Week Ago And Now Her Temperature Keeps Fluctuating. Is This Normal?


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My dog is 59 days pregnant. Her temperature keeps fluctuating, is this normal?

Yes, this seems perfectly normal to me. Seeing a fluctuation in a pregnant dog's temperature is common during the latter stages of pregnancy.

Usually, you can expect a dog's temperature to take a slight drop, just before it enters the first stage of labor.

  • On average, the gestation period for a dog is approximately sixty-three days.
  • However, it can vary from fifty-six to seventy-two days, and this largely depends on the breed of dog.
  • Smaller breeds tend to have their puppies earlier, whilst larger breeds will have theirs later.
  • The average litter usually consists of six puppies, but again - smaller dogs will have fewer, and larger dogs can have up to twelve puppies in a single litter!
Although ninety-eight per cent of canine pregnancies take place without a hitch, it is always advisable to have a vet on stand-by, just in case your dog does experience any complications.

If this is the case, then the vet can administer medication and - if necessary - perform a cesarean section.
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You need to take her to the vet - as she could be in labour, but is too small to push the big puppies out.

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