My Cat Has Been Vomiting And Dragging His Left Legs Then Stops & Lays Down, Leg Twitching. What Could This Be?


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You need to find an emergency vet, and make sure that it isn't a stroke or poison! My cat gets an itchy tail, that is natural, it's the other stuff that I am worried about, please have the kitty seen before something worse happens. Hope this helps, good luck to you and kitty.
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I do not suspect poison as he is indoor only and is not having diahrea. Which leads me to suspect an intestinal blockage, but would this cause draggy twitchy legs? Do strokes start with vomiting the week prior? After hours emergency vets are extremely expensive. We would like to get some idea of what we are dealing with before we go that route.
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It could be something intestinal, as you describe that his legs are bunched up, and that could mean that something is pulling on the insides of the intestines. This is cause for emergency, as it can cut the intestines and cause him to bleed to death internally, Hope this helps.

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