Myold dog has swollen area in neck, stomach and legs. He vomit last week he ate his food very normal, he doesn't vomit anymore but he always lay down. Yesterday, while he was lying something watery in his butt or genital area. what could this be?


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Get your poor dog to the Vet, ASAP!!!

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Skip  Gentry
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Please call your Vet. and tell them about your dog! The longer he lays there without help, the more he is suffering. Your Dad shouldn't be so heartless!
Janmi Oh
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I just arrive home from school. Thank you for you help. I am going to call the vet on my own. I still check my dog time to time and keep praying that he will live for more than 10 years. Thank you for your help Mr./Ms. Have a wonderful day :)
Bikergirl Anonymous
Good idea .. It will be hard to get a diagnosis over the phone. But .. you can ask if this is 'normal' for a dog, and when the vet explains that it is not, you can use that leverage to convince your parents that your dog is in distress and needs medical attention. It's not fair to allow a pet to suffer .. I implore you to plead with your parents to get this dog some help. If in fact that still doesn't work .. then you must consider finding someone who can help your dog.. People who neglect a dog .. especially when it comes to health care, shouldn't have a dog at all. I will never understand why anyone would even want one, if they refuse to care for it .. especially if it gets sick.

I commend your compassion and obvious concern for this pet. It's your parents that need to step up .. and the only thing you can do is to beg them to help this poor unfortunate dog who doesn't deserve to suffer.
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There are several things it could be. The only way to know for sure is to get him to the vet. I would suggest sooner rather than later.

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Janmi Oh
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my dad won't allow me to take him to the vet because he is 10 years old and he says it is part of growing old but it hurts me seeing him like that and I am still a student and no earnings :(
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Please be a responsible pet owner and take your dog to a vet for a proper examination. There is no way to couch diagnose what sounds like a very serious condition .. Until you do, your dog will continue to suffer. Please don't victimize your dog .. Get him the help he needs .. And the sooner the better

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