What To Do If Your Dog Fell And Hurt Its Leg And Won't Walk On It?


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Unfortunately there is not much that you can do for your dog, unless you happen to own an animal clinic. The best thing that you can do for your dog is to take it straight to your veterinarian or make an appointment as soon as you can.

It is essential that you do not give your dog any human pain medication without consulting the vet. It sounds simple but a lot of people do this and end up causing a lot of damage to their pet. Your dog could have an underlying medical condition that could react badly with new medicines, and also, human doses are different to animals. If you take it the vet, they will be able to assess what the injury is, whether it is a sprain, fracture or even a break or ligament rupture. Once they establish what exactly is wrong with your dog, then they will be able to tell you the best course of action, patch your dog up and prescribe the appropriate pain medication that is suitable for animals.

If you have to make an appointment to see your vet in a few days, then keep your pet isolated in a small area so that it doesn't injure itself any further. Just like when we are ill with the flu or a cold, rest is extremely important for animals too which expressly means to running, jumping or playing. However your dog will need to go outside every now and again for both bathroom breaks and fresh air. So when you do want to take it outside, put it on a leash and try to keep them as calm as possible to avoid them getting over-excited and causing further damage. It is important that you follow these instructions closely and get your pet to a vet as soon as possible as they could be a lot of pain.
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Have your dog examined by a veterinarian to determine the cause of the lameness.  Dogs can get sprains, strains and soft tissue injuries that resolve with appropriate pain medication and rest.  Restrict activity for at least 5-7 days--short leash walks only; no running, jumping, and playing.
Other injuries like tearing of the cranial cruciate ligament (ACL in people)--aka the knee joint--happen in active, often young dogs.  This is more serious and often requires surgical correction.  This can happen very suddenly while playing.
Arthritis is possible, especially in an older dog, though this is typically more slow and progressive in onset.
Trauma or injury ie laceration, thorn, fracture etc is also a possibility.  Panosteitis is a developmental disease that affects young, large breed dogs.
Dogs are amazingly stoic and often do not cry or protest during examination.  They try to be "good dogs" and allow you to manipulate their legs.  The fact that she is still limping means she is still in pain (many dogs will walk on fractured or dislocated legs).  Your veterinarian can localized the pain and prescribe appropriate therapy.
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My dog is hurt and I don't think its broken but it is hurt and he wont walk on it I'm 15 and my parents can't afford a vet what do I do? My dog is my closest friend and I would do anything for him but we cannot afford anything.
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There are many reasons of the limping in dogs. These are
  • Arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • trauma/injury
  • Inflammation of the Tendon
  • Panosteitis (Inflammatory disease of dogs)
  • Knee problem
  • Ligament injury
All these problems can cause limping and require differential diagnosis. So visit a vet for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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This dog needs to be examined by a veterinarian.  They can assess if this is a fracture, dislocation, sprain, strain, or ligament rupture.  At this point a treatment plan can be established and appropriate pain medication can be prescribed.  Do NOT give any human pain medication without consulting your veterinarian.  Not all human medications are safe for pets, they may not be safe for your pet especially if it has any underlying medical conditions, and dosages are different for dogs.  Until your appointment keep you dog confined in a small space or kennel.  Just like us rest is very important at this time--no running, jumping, or playing.  Take the dog outside for short leash walks only for bathroom purposes.  
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Be careful of Lyme disease which Causes dogs to limp on back leg, also left untreated can be very dangerous, just found out the hard way and lost my buddy of 7 years.
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Of course you should take him to the vet..He may have a broken leg or something...and could be in pain...hope all goes well for him..
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You let your dog rest and hope that she feels better if that doesnt work then just help your dog get used to her leg and then she might feel better
p.s    be-careful when help her get used to her legs she might have a broken bone
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As mentioned before, it could be a number of things. But an ACL/CCL injury is very common for dogs. If you fear that you will not be able to pay for an expensive surgery (which the ACL, TTA, or TPLO surgery typically is) there are other forms of treatment you could look into. Personally I used a conservative management brace from WoundWear. I had a good experience with it and my dog didn't really seem to mind wearing it, too! Something to look into as a cost efficient solution, if that is the problem your dog is experiencing.

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The sad part is they don't have the money ...anyone get that !
My dogs hips are bad and she is 8 years old german shepard, My heart breaks for her !!!
I my self ordered from a sight called...Painfreepet.com ....I am praying that this will work for my dog. Maybe this sight will help...wont hurt to check it out.
I have always bought the best dog food for my dog good for her joints, and it didnt seem to help after paying just under $50.00 per bag ! She is also my baby...GOOD LUCK TO YOU !!!!
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If he can't put any weight on it, then it's probably broke his leg. I hope that by the time you get this answer, that you would have already taken him to the vet. If not, then you need to do it now. You should not be allowing him to jump on couches or anything else. Your dog is in extreme pain, I can guarantee you that! Broken bones are extremely painful. Chihuahuas have very fragile bones and it doesn't take a lot of pressure for them to break a leg. Please for the sake of your dog, drop everything you are doing right now and get him to an Emergency Vet, if your regular vets office is open. Don't call them just carefully pick up your Chihuahua and go! They will immediately treat a dog with a Broken Leg. If you don't get him to a vet immediately, the bone will heal wrong, the dog will be in even more pain, the dog will have permanent damage and in order to fix his leg, they will have to re-break his leg and most likely have to have expensive surgery to fix it.It doesn't have to come to that if you get it treated now! Please don't make your dog go through that trauma, when you can get this taken care of NOW!
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My dog hurt it's left leg and when she lies on it she yelps, but when I touch it she just looks at me, what does this mean?
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You do exactly the same as you would do if you fell and couldn't walk !common sense love that's all it takes, oh my god its not hard !
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I personally think that is the stupidest thing to say( from Alandkell). I mean come on, their dog is hurt and needs help and probably can't afford to spend hundreds of dollars for a check up. You also don't really know what your dog is thinking!
kellyann lancaster
If you can't afford treatment for your pet you shouldn't have 1 its simple ! My dogs are my life and there's nothing i wouldn't do for them and yes i do know them well enough to know when they are sad ,depressed need a hug or in pain i treat them like my children they are totally dependant on me and i make sure i CARE for them properly
kellyann lancaster
And that includes spending the hundreds of pounds i may not have but i think about the bill after I've got the correct care 1st

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