My 4 Wk Old Kitten Is Sneezing And Discharging Mucus, What Can I Give Him?


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I would not give a tiny kitten human medicine. Call a local vet's office and ask them. Maybe the best thing you can give him is a trip to the doc.
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Nasal discharges are classified in the following categories:

• Serous (clear in color)
• Purulent (green/yellow)
• mucopurulent (green/yellow with mucus)
• Hemorrhagic (bloody).

Here are some of the reasons for each category.

Serous nasal discharges can point toward upper respiratory viruses such as:

1. Herpes
2. Rhinotracheitis
3. Calici
4. Chamydia.

Purulent nasal discharges include:

1. Bacterial infections
2. Fungal infections
3. Foreign bodies
4. Sinusitis
5. Cleft palates
6. Polyps
7. Cancer.

Mucopurulent nasal discharges include:

1. Fungal infections
2. Cancer.

Bloody nasal discharges include:

1. Trauma
2. Fistulas
3. Platelet
4. Bleeding disorders.

It looks like that your cat has allergies, In order to avoid all sort of dust allergies you should vacuum more often and avoid outdoor allergens, it is better to have a air purifier in your home. You cat seems to have purulent nasal discharges in which it seems that it has fungal or bacterial infection.

I think you should get your kitty to the vet, discharge from nose for longer time is not a good sign, a vet can easily clear the nose and may also suggest you some meds as well.

I hope your kitty will get well soon.
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It sounds like a cold.  I used to use children's cough medicine in small doses and I seemed to work.  Best bet is go to the vet and let him have a good look.

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