My Puppy Hurt His Back Rt Leg And He Wont Put Any Weight On It . Can I Fix It At Home?


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I have a massive pittbull that went through something similar.  He was chasing a dog in heat and hurt his hind leg and wouldnt put any pressure on it.  I wrapped his leg with an ACE bandage (from paw up...) and then taped it.  After four days he is doing much better BUT he is still not putting pressure on the leg.  What needs to be done now in order for him to regain trust and strength in the hurt leg is to force him to use it by taping the uninjured leg.
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Thank you! Finally a user who can answer a question with something other than "take it to a vet". There were animals before vets. Vets are outrageously expensive, often incompetent, dishonest or BOTH.
Wise up people.
Those who come on here with questions do not need to hear "take him to a vet". If that's all you know about caring for YOUR pet YOU shouldn't own one.

Thanks Graham. I have mine's leg wrapped now, give him aspirin 2 x a day
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I also am a proud owner of a pit bull pup going on 4 months. My neighbor stepped on his leg and it seemed to be a knee injury, my brother in law suggested pain killer ointment, imported but available at walmart or kmart, called MAMISAN, a splint,
 but we used a bandage wide enough so the leg would not bend, its been four long days but he is showing signs of improvement! I hope this helps anyone with a similar problem!!
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If your son broke a leg or an arm would you be asking about a home remedy? Your puppy is a living creature. If you can't afford to care for it, you shouldn't have it! Owning a pet, especially a dog, is like having another child. If there's an S.P.C.A. a shelter (not a "kill" shelter), or a pit bull rescue group in your area, contact them. Maybe they can help. Don't wait. The animal is suffering!

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