My Cat Is Sneezing, But There Is No Sign Of Discharge Or Other Symptoms. What's Wrong?


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Usually, a sneezing cat is nothing to worry about, just as is the case with humans. However, if your pet is sneezing frequently, then it would be wise for you to take it to the vet - who can perform a more detailed and thorough examination.

The vet will carry out tests and may take a culture from your cat's mouth, throat, eyes or nose to be sent to the lab.

This test will determine the nature of any infection, and its severity.

My cat is sneezing a lot. What is wrong?
Numerous problems can result in your cat sneezing, but here are some of the most common:

  • Respiratory infection: These can be viral, bacteria or fungal, and symptoms are similar to those of a common cold in humans. This type of infection is common in kittens, but can be prevented by vaccinations from the vet.
  • Feline herpes virus: Cats can get herpes (as can as humans), and this can be caught from other cats. It can also flare-up from stress.
  • Feline calcivirus: This condition attacks the mouth and lungs of the animal. It can cause your cat to sneeze a lot.
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Your cat is sneezing only. It means it is suffering from upper respiratory infection.

Bacteria or fungus usually creates such problems in cats.

Check its nose closely. There can be a piece of grass stuck in its nose that is causing sneezing.

There is a possibility that its nasal passage is being blocked by some foreign particle that is making your cat sneeze continuously.

It is very uncommon for cats to sneeze without any nasal discharge, so I think it's just a foreign particle that is stuck in its nose or inside its nostril.

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