Fluid Leaking From My Pregnant Pitbull's Vaginal Area, Could She Be In Labor?


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There were quite a few questions but then I saw your other one that says she's 62 days. She could be starting labor. Any pups yet? Did her temp. Drop? Here's some times to call your vet to advise (best if your vet is experienced with whelp because not all vet's are):
If first stage lasts more than 24 hours call your vet. If there are no pups (30 minutes) soon after the water breaks call your vet. If there is black or green fluid(and no pups in the case of the green but black always) call your vet. If there is bright red fluid for more than 10 minutes call your vet. If there is a break of more than an hour in between pups call your vet. If a pup is in the canal for more than 10 minutes call your vet. Pushing for more than 10 or 15 minutes and no pup call your vet. Make sure she deliveries all the placenta's. There needs to be one per pup and she can eat a few but too many will cause diarrhea. If the number of pups doesn't match the ultrasound or x-ray (they are usually pretty accurate, most often completely but if not within one or two) call your vet. She should be examined within 24 hours after birth to be sure there isn't anything left to cause serious infection and that things went well. Good luck.


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