My Dog Is Around 72 Days Pregnant Why Hasn't She Went Into Labour ?i Feel Puppies .


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My dog is 60 day and she is not showing
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If you are 72 days you should call your vet now. Most Breeders call 68 (smaller) to 70 to at least try an injection if free whelp is possible. Did your ultrasound or x-rays show there may be problems earlier on (can show later as they grow a lot at the end but if showed earlier it is very likely)? Did her temperature drop yet and if so how long ago, was it more than 24 hours? Has the water broke or did you ever see any fluid (green, red, black, any combination or anything) or any signs of hard labor contractions? I hope your baby is okay. Good luck. Please update.
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Well I don't think you calculated it right,she was to give birth already,but still this is very possible,so keep an eye on her if you are really concerned  go to the vet.

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