My Dog Is In Labor And Has A Clear Sack Of Fluid Hanging From Her Vulva. Should I Break The Sack, If She Doesn't?


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My pregnant dog has a red sack hanging out of her -do I remove it?

No, you should leave this sack alone. From your description, it sounds as if this is the placental water sac, which precedes the birth of the puppies.

If this sac still hasn't broken, or if it seems to be causing your dog distress, then you should call a vet.

The breaking of the fluid sac should be left to the mother - as should the cleaning of the puppies and removal of the umbilical cord, (unless the mother refuses to do this herself). The reason for this is that these actions allow the mother to bond with and recognise her puppies.

  • After the puppies have been born, the mother dog will lick them very roughly. This licking stimulates the puppies and encourages them to start breathing.
  • Your dog will probably eat the afterbirths.
  • Only if the mother does not tear away the birthing sac hreself, should you do so. Clear the fluid off the puppy's nose and mouth and rub its body.
  • If your dog does have trouble during labor, you should always call a vet to advise and assist you.
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Absolutely not! Take her to a vet immediately. If it gets infected, your dog will really be in a lot of trouble and pain.

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