My Dog Just Had Puppies A Few Days Away And Is Now Breathing Very Fast, Why?


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Panting can be normal after birth.  It can occur if the bitch is hot or exhausted, and usually occurs during nursing.  However, excessive panting may be cause for concern.  Panting in a lactating mother can be the first sign of Milk Fever, or Lactational Tetany.  Milk Fever is seen about 2-3 weeks after birth, during peak lactation.  It is caused by excessive loss of calcium from the female’s body into the milk.  It is more common in small breeds of dog.  Signs include panting, fever, restlessness, twitching, muscle spasms, stiffness, aggression, whining, pacing, seizure and eventually coma and death.  This is an emergency medical condition.  If you observe any of these signs, your dog will need immediate veterinary attention.
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My dog finished having her puppies 10 hours ago and is now and then breathing very fast.  Why?

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