Where Can I Find Puppies For Sale In My Area?


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You might try
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My sister sold hers for $1200 here in Houston tx area. But she quit - too many medical problems with those dogs

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No matter where you live there will always be a puppy for sale in your area. However people do not always advertise in the areas which you expect them to. Pet store windows usually have some advertisements in so it is generally a good idea to look in your local pet store and if you do not see anything why not consider putting your own advertisement in their window advertising that you are looking for a puppy?

If you do not want a specific breed then you should be ok as there is always at least one type of puppy available in your area. It is usually when you start getting a little more specific such as you want a Yorkshire Terrier and not a Bulldog or vice versa. So if you are looking for just any breed of dog then you are a lot more likely to find something in your area than you would if you were to look for a specific breed.
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Best way to contact the nearest kennel club.
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I live around Regensburg Germany & am looking for a puppy

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