When Do U Start Counting The Days From To No Wen My Dog Is Due To Have The Pups If She Is Pregnant?


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I am so glad you asked that question. Generally  speaking it is on the average of between 59 and 75 days from the last time your bitch and the sire were mated. You start your count from around 50-63 days then and then you get a digital thermometer, vaseline and start take her temp ever day at least three times a day. Morning, noon or late afternoon, and night. This is the most crucial part of her pregnancy. A dogs body temp is normally and this will never change. Between 99 degrees and 102, every day unless they are sick of course, if it goes below that or above that, get that animal to the vet now.

Pay very close attention to this part, cause I had to do a lot of research to find these answers for myself. There is very little information on dog pregnancy any where.

When your bitch is ready to give birth, her body temp will drop, without fail, down to 96 degrees or below and stay there for no less than 12 hours, once this happens, you will notice her looking for a nesting spot and that will be somewhere dark , safe and warmer than anything else in your house, so watch her carefully and do not let her get somewhere you cannot get to and help her if she needs it. If you do not feel safe helping her, take her to the vet and let them deal with the delivery. Just like humans, anything can go wrong,

I was with my girl, angel for 17 hours on her first litter and she had three stages of labor, just like we do. She will look for what she perceives as the safest place in the house. You have to make her think otherwise. I found that my bed room closet worked great, and once the puppies were born, it allows me, to stay with her and the litter to watch over them like they were a human baby. And believe me, dogs may or may not know what to do or may not want to do what we think is normal or natural. New mother dogs do not always take care of thier litters or may not be able to, there are a thousand and one reasons for mother dogs or hurt or kill their pups, that is where we, as intelligent humans, must step in and take the place of mommy dog. But the most crucial time of those pups lives will be those first suckles of mothers milk, that is where they get all their immunities from in those first hours. Make sure your female allows those pups to suckle immediately afterwards even if you have to force her on her side inbetween deliveries to let those pups at a teet. , watch her closely and never leave her alone with those pups until you know without a doubt that she will protect them and not kill them. You will know, because she will let you know in no uncertain terms that she is guarding them with her life if she has to. Believe me you will know. But you can leave the pups alone with her for one other reason, in case she lays on one you must be there to help that pup get out from under her, she will not understand she is smothering that baby or squishing them. We have to think of things that would normally happen in the wild or un domesticated form of life, in a civilized world and protect those pups as if they were our own children.
My angel had 6 puppies her first litter, she had only 8 working breasts, there was not enough milk to go around and the stronger pups were pushing the weaker ones aside. So two of her pups were looking a bit smaller and not moving around as much or as fast. This is where weight is most important. You will know if your doing your job if those pups are putting on the pounds. You will see and feel the difference every day. If those  pups are not  putting on the ounces and pounds, everyday, there is a problem. Check with your vet on this and make sure your bitch is making enough milk and she has no infections in her breast to start with. Once it has been determined what the cause may be, you can take the next steps to decide what to do.

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