Can You Give Your Pregnant Dog Flea Medicine Like Advantage?


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It is never worth risking the health of your dogs no matter if they are pregnant or not. If you are simply a dog owner and are unsure whether you should give some medication to your dog, you should always seek professional advice first. Your pregnant dog is not going to benefit from having Advantage on it when it is pregnant. No matter what the product might say, there are many different reasons as to why you should not use a product on your dog when they are even slightly pregnant.

You are not going to want to harm your dog or the puppies, and therefore you should take your pregnant dog to the vets to ensure that you can have the right medication which is not going to harm the animals. Also, you cannot just not give your dog the medication that she needs when she is pregnant as this could lead to certain problems with fleas whilst she is pregnant, and this is why you simply cant stop medication because your dog is pregnant, but also why you shouldn't just put it on as normal as you would if she wasn't pregnant.

The best advice that you can be given with regards to your pregnant dog and the medication that you can give her, is to ensure that you go to your local vets or seek professional help as soon as you can so you are not going to be late on giving her medication if there is some available.

With our pets, and those that are pregnant, it is always better to be safe than sorry and this is why you should never just put medication on your dog which could harm it and the puppies that it is carrying with her. All it is going to take is a quick phone call or trip to the vets when you are next able to.
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Advantage is not labeled for pregnant, nursing, or puppies
under 4 months old.  This is per the manufacturer's label.  Please contact your veterinarian for an appropriate flea control product for you dog.  Many people use Advantage off label is puppies as young as 7 weeks old. Frontline is approved for use in pregnant and nursing dogs.  This is the product I recommend. Please consult with your veterinarian before applying any product to your pregnant or lactating dog.  There may be other options available.  Treating the environment will also be important to prevent reinfestation.
Gestation (pregnancy) lasts 64-66 days in the dog so your puppy is almost ready to deliver her puppies!

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NO under no circumstances use that medication on you r bitch, think about it, what does that medication do? It kills not only the flea it kills the whole cycle of the fleas , what do you think it will do to the whelps in the bitches womb?

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