Is Malathion Safe For Dogs? My Shi Tzu Dog Have Fleas. My Husband Put 1-2 Tsp In A Full Pail Of Water With Then Immersed The Dog After Bathing. He Did Not Rinse. A Friend Advice Him To Do That To Kill The Fleas.


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Might work if diluted down down pretty good and rinse real good afterwards
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Is this friend the same sort who might advise a deadly dip (to your dog) in some motor oil to kill mange mites and other things like that? I'm not sure why you would do that with so many much safer options than a poison that isn't even labled for animals and not even all of those are considered safe (see fourth link).
To get rid of fleas you do need to get rid of them in the environment and not just on the animals but many people avoid any sort of highly dangerous pesticide/poison even in their yards to avoid danger to any animals that may be exposed.
Does the label indicate extreme danger or warn of danger to household pets at all (without dipping them in it) and that it is for outdoor use and not indoor use, emergency instructions or anything like that? Please don't ever do anything like that or give anything without speaking to your vet first so they can advise if it's okay. If so what you need to do, maybe offer a better solution, and also advise of signs of problems you should be looking for. It isn't worth it financially or emotionally to not do that.
If you are asking after the fact because now you are seeing signs that something might be wrong please call your vet or emergency clinic immediately and be sure to take the bottle or package with you. You should actually call and speak to them about it regardless so they can advise you. I would wash my dog thoroughly because your baby is very likely to ingest the poison inadvertantly by licking their paws or fur ect. Even without absorbtion and/or inhaling concerns. I hope your baby is okay.

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