I got a new peekapom and she won't go to sleep in her kennel but will go to sleep next to me.i don't want to hurt her while I am asleep so I don't let her sleep next to me when I'm asleep.how can I get her to sleep in her crate?


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Angela Dunn answered
You have to ease her into it. First, have her spend a few minutes in the crate each day. When she comes out, always praise her like crazy, treats included. Increase the time until she gets confortable with being in there. Make it cozy for her, as in putting a dog bed, and a favorite chew toy in there. Keep the door open during the day, so if she feels like it, she'll go cuddle up in there. But, if this method doesn't work, and she won't even get in the crate, there could be a chance she's claustriphobic, and then she might be more comfortable on a dog bed next to your bed, or somewhere in your bedroom.

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