Should You Bath A Dog?


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maria rodrigrez answered
Yes of course you have to bathe a dog but not that often as it can damage their skin. I bath my dog once a week.
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jamie wise answered
Yeah bath your dog or its gona get stinky,,My puppy takes showers with me (even though shes a puppy I still wear my swimming trunks lol) =D she runs around the tub and plays =D,
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Rajesh Shri answered
Bathing a dog is a must, as it helps the dog stay clean and healthy and is also a basic hygiene requirement if the dog is a part of a human household. In fact the habit of bathing should be made from early years itself so that the dog gets used to the idea and does not resent or fight it too much. You may also want to complete the bathing routine with a reward for your dog so next time it would not battle too much during the bath as it will look forward to the goodie.

The frequency of bathing could be anywhere between bi- weekly to bi-monthly. It depends on the type of coat your dog has and also how quickly your dog gets dirty and starts smelling. If your dog has a curly one as a Poodle's it should be only bathed once in 6-8 weeks. For others such as terriers and cocker spaniels, it could be more often like 3-6 weeks.

If your dog plays in dirt everyday, an everyday bath routine is not advisable though as it will strip off the essential oils produced by the dog's skin. It would be better if you constrain it from playing in dirt and mud. While bathing it, do use a good brand of dog shampoo and not one for human use as it will be quite unsuitable for the dog's coat. If your dog has a coat, make sure the water is completely dried off for which using a hair dryer could be helpful.

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