My Dogs Puppies Are Moving How Long Before She Gives Birth?


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Well now I can answer this it was 3 weeks after I first seen the puppies moving inside her that she gave birth
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When you say moving do you mean inside her? If shes gone long id say soon. But trust me you know when they are going to go into birth if you see the mother lying around a lot ,moving around in her bed quite a lot and just not herself. She could have them that day or night or in a few days.
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How many days in is your girl? That is different per individual dog, build, size and number of pups (which we know about before they are born). Some sooner and some right around when the temperature drops. By the time that happened with the pups in the pic I had already called the vet to see when was a good time to come in for the C-section that day, lol. Other dogs it's much sooner.
There is breeding and whelping basics information and links for you in the first link below (crash course, gestation, prenatal care, whelp, problems ect.). Good luck.

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