Why Do Miniature Yorkshire Terriers Shake And Shiver?


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Its common in smaller dogs for them to seem nervous and shiver, but if they are having a stronger shake something may be wrong. Try talking and praising him while he has started to do the trembling. Normally they will stop. Often they just get excited and will shiver in such a way as well. If you think its something other than this, I would seek attention from a VET in your area. ASAP.
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First, I would want to know how old the dog is. If he is very young he actually might still need his mother. I knew of a similar situation, and the new owners took the pup back to the breeder and the mother dog for about 5 weeks, and the pup was fine after that.

If that is not the issue, I would want to know how long you have had the dog. Is this dog new to you, or have you had him for sometime? If the dog has been with you for quite a while, is he getting old? I don't know where you live. The dog might actually be cold. These little breeds don't have much fat on them to help with their internal temperatures. If he is old, the dogs can begin to develop a real sensitivity to the cold. If that is the case, get a little sweater for him. Seriously, it helps, IF this is the situation.

Let's say you have had the dog long enough that he knows and depends on you. Have there been any incidents that frightened him. Dogs can get anxiety that stays with them, just like people can.

In any of the scenarios, you really should take him to a good vet and have him checked out fully. He may have some illness that no non-professional could possibly know about
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I have a toy yorkie, he is shaking a lot. He is not nervous or scared. Right now he is sleep and when he inhales he is fine, but when he exhales he shakes! The other day he was standing next to me and his whole body was trembling; I thought he was scared or cold, but I am noticing more and more he is shaking all the time even when he is calm or asleep.  Please let me know what this may be.
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You should have given complete information about your dog like what other symptoms your dog is showing beside shaking? If your Yorkie is only shaking then it can be normal because  these dogs don't have coat but have hairs, so, they are more prone to get cold and start to shake in response to cold conditions. You should provide then a warm environment. If your Yorkie is shaking and also not eating and playing then take him to vet.
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You should watch carefully if there is any wound or not. Sometimes pain causes a pet to tremble. Mostly it happens due to disc injury or spinal problem. Basically neurological, muscular, and skeletal problems also cause this problem. There is also a problem of conjunction with hip dysplasia and with degenerative myelopathy, which is decrease in nerve function. Take it to vet to get some medicine or therapy.
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She could be afraid, or having a seizure.
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Mine does the same thing's because he's either scared or happy mine does it when I play with him or if I take him for a car drive..he hate's cars

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