What Kind Of Snake Has An Orange Body With Black Bands?


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There are a few species of snakes that match this description. The first is a baby king snake. Baby king snakes will obviously be quite small. There are several subspecies of king snakes, and they are found all over the United States and Mexico. When they are first born, they are usually orange with black bands. This species of snake is harmless, and is commonly kept as a pet.

Honduran milk snakes are another species that have this pattern; however they normally have a yellow band in addition to the black one. Unless you live in Honduras, Costa Rica, or Nicaragua, it is highly doubtful you have seen this type of snake in the wild. Their body colour ranges from an orange to a deep red. They can grow to be up to 5 feet long. They are also harmless, but they do resemble the highly venomous coral snake.

Mud snakes are orange and black aquatic snakes. This species of snakes can grow to be up to six feet long. They have smooth bodies, and they are also harmless. These are found in the swampy areas of the United States.

The Common Garter snake is found in several different countries. The garter snake has several colouring patterns. One of them is an orange body with black bands. These snakes are usually small, and are nonvenomous to humans. These snakes are commonly seen by people because they are diurnal.

The corn snake is a type of rat snake. It is indigenous to nearly every region of the United States and Mexico. Certain varieties are orange with black and darker orange bands. They can grow to be nearly 6 feet long. Corn snakes are harmless to humans, and some people keep them around to hunt unwanted rodents. Try narrowing down this list of snakes by taking into consideration where you live.
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I hope you are asking about Coral Snake. It has different color patterns but mostly recognize as orange body with black bands. Another one is Scarlet snake. Here are the pictures.

Coral Snake

Scarlet snake

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It is a mud snake. It lives usually in marshes and swampy land.

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