What Kind Of Snake Is Black And Orange Under Neath And Has A Yellow Ring Around Its Neck?


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From this description it sounds like this snake is the Ringneck snake, a small reptile identified easily by the yellow ring around its neck, the snake is harmless and is wide spread across the United States. Due to its size it often goes unnoticed as it goes about its business of avoiding predators and looking for food. Due to the widespread nature of this snake they can quite often be found in homes, basements or gardens and due to their bright markings often cause alarm.

No snake is found in more places across the USA than the Ringneck snake;  its habitat ranges from the eastern coast states as well as southern deserts and some Pacific states. The Ringneck can make its home pretty much anywhere but it prefers wooded areas with moist ground and will lurk under rocks and stones in order to stay out of view.

Although the Ringneck’s venom is mild and completely harmless to humans, it uses its poison to disable its prey, lizards, insects and other snakes. If you find one of these snakes in your yard it is best left alone, it may well live somewhere in the undergrowth and will cause no harm.

The snake may be of interest to domestic pets but a Ringneck’s venom or bite is not substantial enough to cause harm to cats and dogs and the snake itself may actually be in more danger. If a pet is bitten however, it may well be worth getting it checked out by a vet to make sure there is no damage or infection.

It is never worth being complacent with snakes, if you are in any doubt take no chances and if you feel a snake is dangerous don’t attempt to corner it or catch it, inform the local police or animal welfare centre.
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The Ringneck Snake (Diadophis punctatus) is a species of colubrid snake which is harmless to humans. There is some evidence that oral secretions produced by at least some subspecies, such as D. P. Occidentalis are highly toxic to their prey. An enlarged tooth at the back of the mouth is thought to play a role on the envenomation of prey [1]. It is the only species within the genus Diadophis, and has fourteen subspecies which are found from southeastern Canada, throughout much of the United States, to northern Mexico.

[edit] Description
Ringneck snakes are members of the colubrid family. They are typically black or gray in color, with a yellow or orange underside and an orange or yellow ring around the neck. The underside usually has black flecks or dots in many different patterns, depending on the subspecies. They are very common and are found throughout North America and northern Mexico. They tend to grow to 10-14 in. And are long and slender. They make their homes under rotting logs, wood, and rocks. These snakes eat insects, frogs and salamanders, other snakes, lizards, and newborn rodents.
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It's most likely a ringneck snake. They are very rarely seen, but like moist places and feed on small salamanders, frogs, earthworms and other small reptiles. But it is not a poisonous snake!

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It's the Eastern earth snake. I saw one in Alabama at my camp., ( it was tiny.)
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Most likely a ringneck snake and it is harmless. .
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This snake could be any ring neck snake but by coloration it could be very close of being Copperbelly Water Snake
Nerodia erythrogaster neglecta. but it is really better ifd you can specify your question any more. There are many ring neck and other snake those are very similar but the only difference is of their venom. If you will study, you will find many fullfilling the same requirements of sanel morphology. So take a deep characterization of your snake , then it would be easy to answer that which one snake you are talking about.

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