Do Baby Birds Drink Water?


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It depends on what you mean by baby birds. As a very basic rule of thumb is if it is a fledging, by that I mean it has acquired feathers for flight and is able to leave the nest, then yes they drink water even though they may not be fully grown.
But if you are using the phrase baby birds to refer to nestlings, those without feathers and confined to the nest then no they do not drink water directly.
If you're wondering where they get their moisture from then it is through the food that they eat. In most cases in the aviary world this will be sustenance that has been regurgitated by their parents. This will obviously contain water within the constituent parts of food as well as the moisture used to ease the process of regurgitating. Tasty huh?
Nestlings have learned to adapt to this system as it nigh on impossible for a bird to transfer significant amounts of water to the nest and is most likely the process of taking nestlings to water would be too dangerous.
Just as you should not hand feed wild baby birds, nor should you attempt to make them drink as this could result in the birds drowning as it has neither the capability nor the knowledge of drinking water. In a lot of countries handling wild birds is illegal.
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Yes, they do, but if you provide some, make sure it is safe for them, -keep it relatively clean
-don't use a container they can get into and not get out of, such as a pot that has sides
-it needs to be shallow, and/or small enough that they won't drown in it.
-it needs to be away from where a cat can ambush them, such as in the open too close to cover
-if they can't fly, put it in an area that you can watch so that you can make sure they aren't being stalked and they don't get into trouble while trying to drink
-read a bunch of articles about not interfering too much and when they actually need help
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They only drink water.

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