What Kind Of Snake Is Black With White Stripes?


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There are a few varieties and the most common for you will depend on where you live. My guess would be that it is a King snake. There are many varieties of King snake but it is the Common California King snake or the White Banded King snake which are black with the white banding. If you click on this link you will find a photograph of both types www.thekingsnake.co.uk/Common_king_snakes_care_sheet.htm

King snakes have very shiny almost wet looking scales; these look especially shiny when they are black. Having said that, if they are found in the wild they may be covered in dusty soil making them appear less shiny. These snakes can be pretty much of any size up to 6ft; however they will most commonly be around 4 ft - 5 ft. King snakes are found throughout North America and tend to live in wood land or other places where they can find somewhere quiet and dark to hide. They live off pretty much on any small animals they can find including; mice, rats, birds, frogs, toads and even other snakes (including venomous ones). King snakes kill by constricting their prey, or will sometimes eat already dead animals which they come across. King snakes are not venomous themselves and can be kept as pets.

If the stripes are vertical rather than horizontal bands around the body, then it is more likely to be a Garter snake (see link for picture www.fcps.edu/islandcreekes/ecology/eastern_garter_snake.htm). These snakes tend to be found in grassy or shrubby areas all over North America. They eat small creatures such as mice, bird's eggs and insects. As with the Common King snake, these reptiles are non venomous. Hope this helps.
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Probably an eastern garter snake
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A garden snake.
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One of such types with black and white color are the "king snakes".
They have a large combination of black and white, but without actually seeing the snake it is difficult to comment.
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One which shows no interest in learning new things, it's all black & white to them, you know!
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The saying goes  "red next to black, friend to Jack."  "red next to yellow dangerous fellow.  I don't know where you are from so I can't make a guess as to what kind of snake your cousin may have seen.

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