How Long Is A Labrador Pregnant?


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All dogs are pregnant for 63 days. If its her first litter she may go anywhere from 60 days to 65 days, this is from the date of the first mating.

If she was mated during the whole 7 days of her season she will still go 63 days from the first mating. The first seed puppies will be largest and further in than the last seeded puppies who will likely be runts, if she was mated say 5, 6 or 7 days after the first mating.

Natures way of giving birth to a small puppy first before the bigger ones come out.

Try to be with her when she has her puppies, she may value your help to get the bag off of the puppy's head so that it can breathe, but don't handle it before she has severed the umbilical cord.

Then allow her to wash it thoroughly in order to stimulate its breathing before you handle it. Never handle a newborn pup for more than a few seconds.

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