How Long Do Staffy Stay In Labour Before They Give Birth?


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It needs to be anywhere within 24 hours of the temperature drop to around 98. It is usually sooner but there is no time limit within the 24. Could be 2 hours or 4 hours or more before hard labor begins but has to be within the 24. Your watching for water breaking and contractions now, often that temp drops towards night so you get to stay up all night, so that's lucky if she goes sooner than the 24 like they usually do, and then evaluating normal or a problem during whelp from there and also based on your prenatal ultrasound or x-rays. Has she thrown up or does she seem like she is trying to go to the bathroom a lot (pretty common) or running in circles (lol) or anything? They all act individually but the vomiting to empty the stomach and the acting like they have to go to the bathroom a lot are pretty common. How many days in is she?
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Yea she going for thze toilet a lot she 8 weeks what does her waters look like this is her first litter as well so pretty worried for her
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