How Long Can Prodromal Labour Last?


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Prodromal labour contractions may start a few hours or even a few days before a pregnant woman goes into active labour. Prodromal labour has often been termed as false labour in the past. However, the term false labour is a misnomer. This is because despite it being known as false labour, there is nothing false about the experiences which women who are in prodromal labour go through.

False labour is also a term which is frustrating for any woman that has to undergo the process of labour. The misunderstanding arises because prodromal labour feels very much like active labour. However, there are a few fundamental differences between the two types of labour, namely prodromal labour and active labour. Prodromal labour is not consistently progressive like active labour. Prodromal labour does not lead without a break until the birth of the baby. However, it performs the preliminary function of preparing all the three, namely the uterus, the baby and the cervix, for birth.

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