How Long Are Mini Pomeranians Are In Labour For?


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I am not familiar with mini Pomeranian.  Duration of labor depends upon litter size. Small litter is delivered early while large litter can take more time. Labor in dogs can last for 6-24 hours before the whelping is started. At the time of labor, dogs can lose their appetite, shake due to pain and become restless. During whelping, dog can strain along with above mentioned symptoms. Delivery on dogs can be complicated and life threatening, so, it will be good to get help from vet.
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No such thing as a mini Pomeranian. There are only Pomeranian's. Should be within a couple of hours or so of starting hard labor and that should be within 24 hours of the temperature drop. Pom's frequently need c-sections. Did you do your prenatal care? I hope your asking this before your pup enters labor and not after and definitely not too late. Hope your baby is okay.

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