What Is The Name Of The Insect That's Found In Basements Or Damp Areas, It Looks Like A Centipede, What Could It Be?


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There are many types of insects found in basements or damp areas, so it's hard to say exactly which one you've encountered. However, what you're describing may be a particular species of basement worm. Also known as house worms, these creepy-crawly creatures love to lurk in nooks and crannies. Millipedes and their larvae are often residents of home or business basements. These millipedes sound a lot like the insect you've talked about in your question.

These Insects Love Darkness

• These types of insects are also commonly found in drawers, storage spaces, and kitchen cupboards and Lazy Susans; if your home (or commercial space) has been infested by house worms, you may need to take action to remove them.

• The best course of action is to call a local pest-control agency and ask for advice (and a quote for their services). Chances are, their staff will need to visit your property to get a closer look at exactly what they'll be dealing with. In most cases, these types of insects are creepy and unpleasant to look at or touch, but they are essentially harmless to human beings.

If you need to know the exact species you're looking at in your basement or damp area, shine a flashlight and snap a quick picture of the insect before it crawls away. You can post this digital photo on message boards filled with insect "buffs" or experts. These educated insect aficionados may be able to tell you plenty about your basement visitor. Sending a picture of the insect to a pest control company can also be a great way to get the ball rolling and get this caterpillar-like house worms out of your personal space.

If you're planning on doing a little DIY extermination, try to choose safe, "green" pesticides that won't make you feel ill or pollute the surrounding environment.
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I believe they are house centipedes. They have 15 pairs of legs and can
run very fast. Although they look ugly they are harmless to humans.
They prey upon other insects in homes such as spiders, bed bugs, ants,
cockroaches, termites, silverfish and other insects. They inject their prey
with venom through their front pincers. They are actually good to have in
the house.

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Yes they're in the cool damp places but its not a wood lice.  It's more slender with many legs.  Almost like a centipede.  I find them in my bathtub from time to time.  The wood lice actually seem to come out from my drain but that's not what I'm talking about.  Any other suggestions?
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It might be a silverfish.  They're found in such areas and people tend to confuse them with centipedes.  Take a look on Google image search to see if that's what you're looking for (notice that the second picture up there actually is of a centipede).
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From what I understand they are a North American breed of Silverfish, they eat spiders, bedbugs and other insects (so they can be helpful) but they are as ugly as sin!!!
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It is a millipede
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If it is black and looks like it has spikes but also like a centipede then it sounds like an asp. They can be poisonous. Mine were growing from my tree outside my house and it was a whole bunch of them at a time. If you go online you could probably pull up a site that shows you picks of insects. That may help.

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