The Bird Which Has No Wings At All?


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The only bird to have ever had no wings, one that is now extinct, is the Moa of New Zealand. The moa were made up of 11 species, each of which were flightless. The biggest birds reached heights of up to 12 ft and weight approximately 250 kg.

Birds are categorized as such according to a number of features. These features include being winged, feathered, bipedal, endothermic, egg-laying and vertebrate.

  • Winged.
All birds have wings, even those that are flightless, to assist with feeding, breeding and avoiding predators. The basic mechanics of bird flight can be broken down into lift, gliding, flapping and drag. Each of these mechanics either affect the way a bird flies or are affected by the way a bird flies.
  • Feathered.
Bird feathers are considered some of the most complex integumentary structures found in vertebrates. These feathers help aid birds with flight, water proofing, thermal insulation and coloration. The latter is something that allows birds to communicate and protect themselves.
  • Bipedal.
All birds are bipeds. This means that they move by means of their rear legs or limbs. Different birds will carry out different types of bipedal movements, they can either run, walk or hop on both legs.
  • Endothermic.
Endotherms are organisms that produce heat through internal means. This heat can be produced by shivering or via metabolism. All birds are endotherms and have blood vessels in their lower legs that work as heat exchangers. This also means that they are warm blooded.
  • Egg-laying.
As the term suggests, all birds produce their young by laying eggs. These eggs are laid out of water and are surrounded by a protective shell. These eggs are kept warm in nests by the parents who continue to feed their young until they are old enough to fly.
  • Vertebrate.
All birds are vertebrates meaning that they have back bones and spinal columns. Within the category of vertebrates, birds are a sub species of the class of Aves.

Today there is no bird that exists that does not have wings. Although some birds are flightless, wings are one of the characteristic features of the species.

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