I Found A Bug In My Bath That Looks Like A Tiny Scorpion. What Is It?


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The most likely answer is the arachnid known as the pseudo-scorpion.

The term pseudo-scorpion means 'fake scorpion' and is used exactly because this tiny arachnid looks so much like a normal scorpion - only many times smaller!

Tiny bugs that look like scorpions
You may have noticed this bug crawling around your bathtub and, on closer inspection, realized it looked a lot like a miniature scorpion.

In fact, what you're dealing with is a harmless, clawed arachnid that you shouldn't be overly worried about.

Having a pseudo-scorpion is actually quite a good thing: They feed on the larvae of pesky moths, beetles, ants, lice and small flies.

What makes a pseudo-scorpion different from a regular scorpion?
Apart from being very small, pseudo-scorpions differ from regular scorpions in that they don't have a long tail with a venomous stinger.

You may also be interested to know that a pseudo-scorpion would never crawl into your house (they're far too lazy for that). Instead, they hitch a ride on larger insects, a technique known as phoresy.
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Most likely a scorpion. Seen some in mine a couple of times around a certain time of the year.

My advice is to always have your lights on as well as pouring hot water on the edges around the bathtub, especially if the bathtub is aligned to the wall.

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