What Is A Small Black Bug With White Spots? Found It In Our Home.


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There are many possible bugs which match this description. They differ in size, length, proportion, size of legs, length of antenna and type of body to name just a few variations.
If it is very small and oblong shaped, it may be a carpet beetle These bugs feed on natural fibres and can cause damage to furniture, soft furnishings and clothing. The beetles are most often found close to windows. These are probably the most likely culprits since you keep finding them in your home. Most other bugs will live outside and you will only occasionally find the odd one in the house and this will be as traumatising to them as it is for you! Although carpet beetles appear black with white sports with the naked eye, they are usually dark brown when viewed through a microscope. 

The eggs hatch between 10 to 35 days depending on the temperature. The larvae can last at least a year depending on the quality of the food supply. The adult beetle lives from seven to 41 days. The adults appear in April, May and June and their resulting larvae hibernate during the following winter pupating during the latter part of February and March.

On emergence the adult beetles seek the light so they usually fly to the windows. They fly to light coloured flowers where they feed on nectar and pollen. After mating, the females enter houses during late summer and autumn and lay their eggs in birds' nests in roof voids and other suitable places. The larvae feed on feathers and wool soiled with excrement, dead fledglings, etc.

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