What Are The Predators Of Locusts?


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Our environment,  including all the living organisms present, makes a remarkable chain system, called the Ecosystem. The Ecosystem consists of the animals and birds living in a specific area, and the plants growing there. The organisms living in an Ecosystem are closely inter-related. They make food chains and food triangles on the basis of their relationships with others and the environment.  There are many kinds of relationships existing in an Ecosystem.  There is Mutualism, Symbiosis, Predator-Prey relationship etc. The Predator-Prey relationship consists of the Predator and its Prey. Predators hunt animals for their food; and their kill is called Prey.  Predators can be of any kind e.g. Lion, cat, mouse, which prey on deer, rats and vermin, respectively.  This relationship, though, doesn't cause extinction of organisms, as all living organisms rely on other living organisms for food.  Locusts, being a part of the Ecosystem, have many Predators. Locusts also rely on other living organisms i.e. Plants, for food. The animals preying on Locusts are mostly birds. Birds which eat insects, normally small in size, include Sparrows and Crows. These small birds act as predators for locusts. Other predators include Frogs. Frogs, being insectivorous animals, consume insects normally found in their habitat e.g. Flies. As frogs are also normally found in crops and fields, they feed on Locusts.

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