Where Do Camels Come From?


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Strangely these animals that are so redolent of North Africa came from a different continent entirely. Want to guess? Well they actually came from North America.
They like a few other well travelled animals eg. horses and dogs all started off 20 million years ago on the continent of America. They weren't so much like the animals we know today. They were probably more like gazelles.
About four million years ago they crossed the Bering land bridge to Asia. They came extinct in North America during the last ice age and never migrated back.
It is unclear why they died out in North America. It could have been due to the change in vegetation which didn't favour the grazers. The fact that the weakened species lost its link to Asia as the Bering Sea took over between the two continents, 10,000 years ago. The remaining camels may just have been finished off by human hunters.
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Camels were used for domestic purpose almost thousands of years ago by traders, who have to travel long distances, from Southern Arabia to north region of the middle east.
Camels became the major source of transport, shade, milk, meat, wool and hides for the desert dwellers.
Scientists believe that the ancestors of modern camels lived 40 million years ago in North America. They believe that in ASIA camels migrated through eastern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

Ancestors of camels and lamas appeared to have diverged from Eocene epoch; they weren't separated from each other till Pleistocene. Then afterwards when camels migrated to Bering Strait (temporary) land bridge to Asia. Lamas migrated to South America and all camel died out in North America.

Traditionally there are two categories of camels
One humped Arabian camels or DROMEDARY
Two humped Asian camels or BACTRIAN

All camels are similar physiology. They have 37 pairs of chromosomes. Despite some major differences in size the camels are almost similar in structure.
Camels are evolved from the semi desert environment so they have sophisticated physiological structure to cope up with both heat and dehydration.
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Camels originally come from north america
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Pakistan, congo, afghanistan, somalia and algeria
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Camels are actually native to West Asia, Central and East Asia. They live in deserts mostly in Egypt, China, Mongolia and North Africa.
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Morocco and Saudi Arabia but you also get them in Australia and Egypt.

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