My Dog Has A String Hanging From His Butt... What Do I Do? I Could Not Pull It Out And He Is Acting Very Lethargic?


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Dogs that swallow string can develop a linear foreign body. The string does not move through the intestines as a whole--it gets stretched out through the intestines. This causes the intestines to plicate--bunch up together. The more the intestines try to pass the string the more bunched up they become. Usually by the time foreign bodies are in the colon they pass--dogs are able to defecate them out. With this situation it depends how long the string is.
I would not try to pull it out if that makes your dog painful. Give your dog canned pumpkin or whole wheat/grain bread--the fiber can help bulk the diet and sweep things through the intestine.
I am concerned that he is acting lethargic. It would be best to have him examined by a veterinarian and have x-rays taken if appropriate. If he has not passed the string in 12-18 hours he needs to go to the veterinarian ASAP. The bunching of intestines can lead to intestinal death and is an emergency.
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You should have taken him to the vet when you first saw the string, it could be wrapped around his intestines,,
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You need to go to the vet asap it could be stuck in his stomache and needs medical attention emediatially! Do not wait!!!!
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Call your vet,now!
My Husky puppy,Blue, did the same thing,their was a string hanging out of her butt,she threw up and did not eat.We think it may be wrapped around her stomach,I sure hope not.
She going to the vet today.
Anyway good luck with your dog.I hope its not something important.
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Well that happened to my puppy and I sort of tried to pull it out but she became all crazy. I tried to act calm, wet her butt and gently pulled it out. But I don't know what will happen with your dog! Hope I helped?
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I kinda have the same problem but sometimes when my chihuahua puppy poops his poop comes out and is hanging by a string. We can usually pull it out without any problem but last night when we did he gave out a little yelp. He seems to be ok and acting normal though. Is this ok?
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You need a vet ASAP, it can be tangled around something in its body so it could also be an intestine not a string so don't pull it out!

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If you can give him a good laxative he should have no problem passing it out.So don't "STRING" him along and do it soon.
P.S check for a YO.YO
tied to it.
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I had the same problem with my dog and the string, just took her to the vet and there is stuff wrapped through her whole intestines and her colon. They are going to try giving her something to pass it on her own but surgery is a possibility. I'm not sure we can afford surgery so I don't know what will happen then.

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