Are English Bulldogs Safe Around Kids?


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They aren't usually people aggressive or anything. It mostly depends on your kids and how they interact with dogs. A Bully pup can get excited and maybe knock them down a bit (they can be oafs) on accident and there is regular puppy chewing behavior and things so it's best if the children are taught how to properly interact with a dog and always supervised. Just regular stuff that should always be taken into account, nothing that makes them bad with kids usually. Here is an awesome site on how to teach children safety with dogs and to read their body language and interact with them (How to be a 'Dog Detective' and read the clues :-). Also a site to learn more about Bully's as they are a complicated breed.
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It all depends on you. If you have a kind disposition , it will make the dog as well. If you have no patience with the dog, he will have no patience. I think you already have the answer.

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