I Have An English Bulldog With Acne Like Bumps Around His Mouth. What Causes This And How Can I Treat It W/out Expensive Trip To The Vet?


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Do you know anyone that is famaliar with mangosteen juice, if so see if they have some and if not I can tell you how to get it. I have been told that feeding this juice to pets and applying it to the area helps them heal and gets better or well. This juice has over 40 antioxidents in it and helps to boost the immune system.
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I have a Bull Mastiff and it's from them eating and drinking because the food stays on their face because of the way their jaws are aligned. I keep my dogs mouth dry and clean after she eats and drinks, obviously I can't do it every time she eats but doing it as much as you can helps a lot
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That's sounds like exactly what it is, Acne! First thing to do is determine if you're feeding from a plastic bowl, if you are, switch to stainless steel. See if that helps clear things up in a few weeks, if not, it could be a skin disease (that are well known in English Bulldogs) and might require a vet trip and anti-biotics.
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It is also very common for English Bulldogs to get ingrown hairs around the mouth and eyes.
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Lots of people have been complaining about this for bull dogs
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Dogs can get skin infections in their hair follicles, and it is much like acne. Wash the area with antiseptic wash (acoid any that are toxic). Then apply antiseptic like tea tree or aloe vera.
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Have the dog checked. He could be allergic to fleas and/or flea dander. He could be scratching so much with his hind foot that this is causing the sores.

We have 2 cats that are allergic to fleas. NOT the dander
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Take your dog out back and put him down, there is no coming back from that......

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