How Do I Get Rid Of English Bulldogs Body Odor?


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Do you have any idea of the cause? Is it an improper diet for a bulldog (is it comparable to something like Innova green bag or Healthwise and any switch should be very slow), allergies, ears, skin, demodex, infection, problems in the tail area, facial folds, an eye issue causing excessive tearing, a urinary tract issue, anal glands, anything else? Many of those things will relate back to diet and it may help a lot with some others. Do you clean the ears and the facial folds? Does your dog spend a lot of time on grass or do you bathe with anything other than an all natural oatmeal shampoo with no perfumes or dyes or anything or anything else that may be aggravating their allergies? Is your puppy going through demodex (interceptor and if an adult and generalized may want to check for an immune issue beyond normal for the breed which already has immune issues hence the localized demodex being common, even expected in a healthy pup). You can contact the lady in the link below (better phone than computer though you could ask her to call you) and she may be able to help you with how to help some of the regular Bulldog issues or lessen them just by maybe a few changes in general care or figure out what the problem may be if there is one. You can shout too. :-).

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