My English Bulldog's Nipples Are Hanging, But I Haven't Bred Her. Why Is That?


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Why are my English bulldog's nipples hanging?

Nipple enlargement in dogs is usually seen after 3-4 weeks of pregnancy, and milk is produced during the advanced stages of pregnancy.

  • If you have not bred your dog, then her nipple enlargement can be due to false pregnancy if she has been in heat 6-12 weeks before.
  • This condition can be due to hormonal changes during the heat cycle. Dogs can come out of false pregnancy after 2-3 weeks.
If your dog hasn't come out of false pregnancy after this time period, or if you're concerned about her health now, then take her to a vet. They will be able to diagnose and treat the problem straight away.

Hopefully, it will not be anything more serious than a false pregnancy.

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