What Does A English Bulldog Look Like?


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The English Bulldogs has intimidating looks, is small, wide and compact, with a thick, massive head and cheeks that extend to the sides of the eyes. Their trademark is their skin on the skull and forehead that falls in dense folds. It has short muzzle, nose, broad and black with large nostrils. They have round eyes that are far apart and very dark. They have small and thin ears that are folded back in the form of a rose. The tail is short and carries low.

English Bulldogs are good pets. Actually, they are considered to be the gentlest
of dogs since they are gentle to all other home dogs and family members
especially to children.

Bulldogs do best in temperate climates. They are also easy to groom because of their smooth, fine, and short-haired coat.
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They are short and muscular with big round heads, flat faces, wide shoulders and narrow hips. They also have an underbite. You can see lots of pictures of Bulldogs at the link below  -

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