How Much Do Yorkies Cost?


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I also wanted a yorkie at one time.  When I looked at prices, they ranged from about $200.00 without papers, to upwards of $700.00 with papers.  The males are usually cheaper than the females.  The smaller they are, the more expensive they seem to be priced.  I hope you find what you're looking for, but I always add the caveat, that there are many dogs at Humane Societies waiting to find a home, and you may find a great little friend there.  Good luck with whatever you decide.   
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I have a female yorkie her name is princess I am selling her for 300 she is full bread if anyone is intrested let me know thank you
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My daughter just bought one, she paid 600.00 for him, but he is so little and so cute his name is Rudy.
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I got two purebred yorkies If you get a fullsize yorkie the cost for the dog itself can be from 200-600 dollars but usually if you get them from a good breeder they have minimal healthcare costs. They need to be groomed daily so make sure you have time. I also bought a purebred teacup and he was more expensive and he has more health problems.
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Yorkie can cost up to $15,000.oo in a pet store!! I was going to buy one from a pet store I asked how much they where they said $15,000.oo so I said I can't afford that and walked away and my daughter wanted her but now my daughter is saving up for it I promised her if she gets the money for it she can buy it !!! Well hope I helped you some and all so remeber take care of the dogs and plus think of the dogs being put down everyday in shelters because no one wants an old dog please just buy an old dog and give it the life it deserves! I prove my case:)
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Usually yorkie puppies r very expensive!!! So you got off easy!!!!
Usually there lik a thousand dollars! But that's probably because they have champuionship blood lines!!
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I have 4 and they have ranged from $900 to $1400. The only one that I bought from a breader is the most psychotic. The most expensive has a genetic hip problem that has to have surgery. They are not cheap but they are the most wonderful dogs you can have. They take a lot of work though. There are rescue shelters for them. Get on the internet and try to find a rescue.
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I would guess the one you bought from a "breeder" (I use that term loosely here) was a puppy mill...reputable breeders will usually insure against genetic issues and give you a new puppy or reimburse you part of the purchase price if you decide to keep him or her.

I agree they are the best dogs...I have 3 adults and 7 puppies currently.
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I have bought three from pet stores and one from a breeder. Out of the three from the pet store only one has had a serious problem. The breeder wasn't a puppy mill, she is just a very sensitive dog. The dog with the hip problem had her surgery last week and is doing very well. I still would have paid anything for my girls, they are truly a special breed.
If you are sincerely interested...I may know where you can purchase a 10 week old female for $250.00.  Give me a shout if you are seriously interested.♥
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I am a breeder out of nebraska.I most recently had a rather large litter of six....we sold them all for 250.00..... Yes we could have gotten more out of them but it gave those a chance to own one that could not afford one normally...
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Well I always wanted a small dog but they seem to be pretty expensive. I just turned 13 yesterday and that is what I want for my b-day.
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