My Dog Is Puking A White Liquid Substance. And Pooping Nothing But Liquid. What's Wrong And What Do I Do. Oh And He Doesn't Eat. He Won't Even Take A Piece Of Beef Jerky?


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Your dog seriously needs medical attention fast, dehydration can kill them quickly especially if its a young dog. Get him help fast, Good luck and hope hes okay. X
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Sounds like parvovirus..... Lift the skin on the scruff of his neck, if it stays up he may be dehydrated.... Take him to the vet quick smart..... If it is parvo, I understand it is highly infectious among dogs, and may either infect a lot of other dogs in the area or may have come from an already infected area.... I think the infection stays in the air for quite a while.... Unless the dog has been vaccinated for this sort of thing, if there is an infection in the air it will likely catch it...... Don't take this for gospel though, best bet is to take the dog to a dogtor (oops bad jokes).... May just be a doggy tummy bug..... I only have this answer because when I was young, the first thing anyone in my area (where I grew up) had to do when they got a new dog was to get it vaccinated as it was a well known dog disease in the area, unfortunately not everyone could afford the vaccinations therefore puppies were getting sick a lot, hence re-infecting the air.... When my puppy had it, he was doing exactly what your dog appears to be doing it... Don't know if there is a cure or treatment for it.... Most people when I grew up had to have the animal put down as they could not afford treatment, if there was any

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