My Pit Bull Just Had Puppies And Is Growling At Me And My Kids. Will This Calm Down Soon Because I Dont Know If I Can Trust Her Now?


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I think your pit bull should be left alone with her puppies in a warm dry place and then she will not feel threatened or even fearful of the children. Obviously she will need regular surveillance but it seems that she is stressed and so logic seems to be the answer here, In any case children should not be left alone with a dog, particularly one that has just undergone the stress of labour and has to now feed her pups. Growling in dogs is a warning and so she is not a happy girl. She needs some peace and rest.
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Have you done your post whelp exam yet and did you do any testing before breeding (not always surefire but sometimes there is a warning something like this may occur so you may know not to breed or sometimes not apparent until the breeding).  The dam is examined 24 hours after free whelp to be sure there are no complications (rupture, torsion, prolapse hemorrhage ect.) and retained placenta's or pups to cause deadly infection. She may need or benefit from an injection to help clean her out faster (also to try and prevent infection). She could be stressed, there could be a problem, she may be suffering from a hormone imbalance and turning into a raging psychotic (as mentioned in my profile).  It could be a problem or if she hasn't had her post whelp or if something developed later (depending on age of the pups), she could be telling you there is something wrong and she is not feeling well or in pain. It is difficult to monitor her and the pups they way you should be/need to be (closely 24/7) doing if you are having a hard time getting close and it may happen that she goes after the pups soon as well. Get her to the vet to have her checked out and talk to them about it in case there is something wrong and something you can do. That isn't normal.

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